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My gorgeous nephew

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100 Ways to be kind to your child.

100 Ways to be kind to your child.

I’m always looking for ways to demonstrate kindness to those I come across on an everyday basis. Maybe you have a child, this is an awesome list, or maybe you need inspiration for kindness. Whatever you reason for checking out this link, I’d recommend it. 

Being kind can be world-changing, soul enriching, educational, or it can feel useless. Nevertheless, go ahead take up the challenge to enact even a few of these ideas. 

Let’s hope you’ll get a better response than I did today. All I did was offer to carry an older lady’s bag over to the lift for her. She looks at me, screws up her face, and says, “I know your type. I’ll only say no once. Don’t want help from anyone”. Then she proceeded to move all five suitcases, one by one, over to the lift. I just smiled and said, “I hope your day gets much better”, and kept going. But not many people respond to kindness negatively, so give it a go. All anyone will ever do is say no!

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How does a person rate their life?

As individuals we love to rate things, people, objects, destinations. How many of us now use the internet to check the rating of a product prior to buying? Or check how a holiday destination has been rated or a restaurant? We watch each week to see how songs have been rated and movies and our …

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Happy Easter

Many weeks have lapsed since I last had time to ponder and write. This does not mean that I’ve not pondered; only that no time has been found to write. A combination of new job, Year 12 reports, end of term, conferences and a wedding all merged to equal exhaustion; but oh what a satisfying …

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Seasons of Life

Last night I had a conversation with somebody about a difficult time she was experiencing in life. I made the comment to her, “Do this special season well”. My use to of the word ‘season’ confused her and the notion of thinking of her time of difficulty as a ‘special season’ was confronting. This lead …

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What are your words creating?

“This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in …

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People Who Inspire Me.

Tom’s Shoes is an amazing organisation and one that encourages everyone to make a difference. Another person is Jessica Jackley, a young woman who has created a way of transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Check out her website http://www.jessicajackley.com/ Then have a look at an interview with her.

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Value: a quantity or quality?

How a person understands the term value will impact how they perceive themselves and others. For our value as a person is not a quantity, is not a measurable object but a quality that should never be bought or damaged. But how many people believe that their value can be reduced, can be crushed or …

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Originally posted on ponderingthewaves:
A man has died and I’m struggling to process my response to this news. Last night I was woken by a phone call. My Dad was ringing to let me know of this man’s passing and I could sense Dad was trying understand how he should emotionally connect with the news…

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The Tapestry

Composed August 2008 There she stood by night and day; a tangled web of colours lay at her feet. The weaving of a life and mind; could look so intricate and fine. Each thread she saw lying there representative of the privilege of experience and yet the responsibility of living it. She looked again upon …

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