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Living in the “projection” of the moment.

There is a lot of talk circulating these days about “living in the moment”. I’m pretty sure I’ve even prattled the statement to people at various times, but I’m not sure I’d challenged myself with the meaning and implication of this statement until recently.

The first time I was challenged to “live in this moment” was attending a Sunday morning fresh food fair. I’d been invited by friends to join them at the markets and we were walking around taste testing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, when my friend turned to me and saw me “tweeting”. She looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just enjoy this time?” At the time I remember thinking, I’m just sharing how much I’m enjoying this with others. But I’m now questioning this response.

I believe that I’m guilty of what I see becoming an increasingly dominate feature of many people’s lives and particularly the lives of teenagers. We are never truly present in the moment in which we are living. We never truly get to be totally lost in the enjoyment of an experience or discussion. For as each moment progresses our minds are consumed with how we will “project” this moment.

Note when you talk to a teenager, how many of them are consistently aware of how many times they’ve been “tagged” in a photo after a function. How many people will have “tweeted”, “facebooked”, “instagrammed” or sent an mms of their experience or of an event before they’ve truly enjoyed it? There are people I know who will attend a concert and spend the whole time recording it or photographing and forget to enjoy the live experience.

Are we producing a society of people who are so image obsessed that they’re lives become merely a constructed projection of their reality? Do we ever truly just enjoy an experience for ourselves, and those with us at the time? And for teenagers, when the peer response and pressure are so dominating, does this consistent “projection” of the moment stifle or crush them from being who they wish to be?

I’m not saying for a minute that I’m not guilty of this “projection of the moment” lifestyle. But it is one that I’m now questioning. If we are always obsessing about how this moment may be projected by ourselves, and others, are we ever truly able to be ourselves? If we consistently live for how others will receive our “projection” do we add an unnecessary stress upon our lives?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just live a day moment by moment, truly being present in the moment and with those people with whom we share the day?



  1. robinjabraham

    Quite true, Its mostly about image management rather than truly enjoying an experience. FB , twitter their likes seem to just add another layer of the need to look ‘cool’

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the difficulty is when a person no longer knows it’s image management and just thinks that this is them.

  2. prestontowers

    I tend to find that when I am out and enjoying something, I tend to not share it, unless I am wanting to make a point, or at an event at which I enjoy being a Twitter broadcaster. I often get a continued buzz from the responses I receive. Your question, though, is interesting. I think people when they are young should enjoy things without having to Facebook things. Mind you, perhaps I say that because I don’t really like Facebook.

    • Thanks for this. I’m usually quite deliberate in my choices, but am such Facebook addict. lol

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