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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Inspiration Of A Life Changed

I thought this blog was totally worthy of being shared. No difficulty is too great that we can’t attempt to overcome. Inspiration Of A Life Changed. Advertisements

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Living in the “projection” of the moment.

There is a lot of talk circulating these days about “living in the moment”. I’m pretty sure I’ve even prattled the statement to people at various times, but I’m not sure I’d challenged myself with the meaning and implication of this statement until recently. The first time I was challenged to “live in this moment” …

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Each day is a gift!

Every day is a gift we have been given. We have choice as to how we use this gift. We can value the gift, like that from a loved one, using the day to bless ourselves and others. Or we can discard it. Through the gift away as useless, disregarding the inherent value within. We …

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The value of time with people

This is a delightful video that should encourage you to value the moments you spend with people. Don’t ever see a moment shared with someone you love as a wasted moment.

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