Pondering the waves of life.

How does a person rate their life?

As individuals we love to rate things, people, objects, destinations. How many of us now use the internet to check the rating of a product prior to buying? Or check how a holiday destination has been rated or a restaurant? We watch each week to see how songs have been rated and movies and our favourite sports team.

But do we take this “love of rating’ to our own lives? Do we rate our lives, our value, our person? And if we do, what are we rating ourselves against?

If we rate ourselves against a celebrity that has the perfect body shape, when we (me) are too exhausted to get to the gym because we also work twelve hours a day (and love chocolate)? Do we rate ourselves against those who are the top in our grade, class or course? Do we rate ourselves against that person who seems to happily raise children, look wonderful and work a full time job? Or do we rate ourselves against the person who has the “perfect” background, unlike ourselves?

Glancing back through the list I’ve just constructed, I’m a little shocked and ashamed to admit I’ve probably rated myself in each of those ways. More interesting yet is that for each rating, I’ve been looking back. Looking back from a guilt-based perspective: with the feeling of never being good enough, of never quite achieving or being satisfied. But that is not how we are meant to live! This is debilitating and demoralizing!

We need to rate our lives by the potential seen in our future, by the grace that is offered for tomorrow. How we rate our lives reflects who we believe we are. We need to take the time to dream, to dare to look forwards, to put before us goals and accept that, with grace that covers our past, we can have victories and opportunities in our futures.

When we keep going back to the same patterns of behavior, it reflects who we believe we are, how we rate ourselves. We act out who we believe we are.

So why don’t we each decide to get excited about rating our future. Let the past go!! Allow each of us to believe that what is before us is greater than what is behind us. Believe that each aspect of our life is valued and precious and our rating is not against some fake perfectionism, but through grace towards our future.


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