Pondering the waves of life.

Happy Easter

Many weeks have lapsed since I last had time to ponder and write. This does not mean that I’ve not pondered; only that no time has been found to write. A combination of new job, Year 12 reports, end of term, conferences and a wedding all merged to equal exhaustion; but oh what a satisfying form of exhaustion. I have emerged stronger and wiser than before. Well maybe not physically stronger, as yet, but yes definitely more resolute than ever before.

But what have I been pondering?

I have pondered what is the value of a person, the amazing way in which relationships can bless us when we least expect, that we can bless people by affirming them when they serve us, the importance of traditions and celebrations in life and the necessity of the ‘main game’. Don’t panic all these ponderings will not be in a single blog, but do expect a number to be rolling over the next few days.

As I sit and type, I can hear a celebration coming from the building next door to where I live and over that sound is the gorgeous sound of a young child giggling as her grandma tries to explain to her the wonders of thunder. How amazing and special to maintain that innocent and naïve wonder and enjoyment of God’s creation. As she giggles at each thunder-clap, I consider how other children might cry or feel frightened. Why is it that she giggles? Most probably because this little girl has been surrounded by love and care; the love and assurance that allows a child to enter boldly and courageously into the world.

Well, I got a little side tracked there. But it’s been a very quiet Easter weekend for me, sick and in my apartment by myself. The physical body may have decided to crash out because the term ended, but my mind is now beginning to gear up to write. So I shall leave this ramble here, and prepare to construct some more meaningful blogs over the next few days.

Happy Easter All.


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