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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Happy Memories Build Resilience

We all have memories. We remember events, people, feelings, scents, experiences and remember them especially well when they involve us. Sometimes we revel in our memories, having a little giggle to ourselves, as we recall a fun camping trip or an embarrassing moment. But at other times we allow our memories to stagnate and replay …

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Art of Appreciation

Today I experienced the art of appreciation. It arrived most unexpectedly, and from such a range of sources, and all in one day. It’s interesting that I can write on “bucket-fillers” a few days ago and then today I was consistently aware of those people who were “filling” my bucket or those people whose bucket …

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Knowledge and Love—How do they Connect?

  This week a read a verse that has had me thinking, “that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight”. This bible verse is in Philippines 1:9, and there is a lot more context included, but that little line has had me thinking.   For, as I understand it, …

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How Full Is Your Bucket?

Recently I came across a delightful picture book for children, which also provides an enormous challenge for adults, “How Full is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. I strongly recommend this picture book to everybody; I don’t believe there is an age limit applicable. So why do I love it? This story beautifully …

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My gorgeous nephew

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100 Ways to be kind to your child.

100 Ways to be kind to your child.

I’m always looking for ways to demonstrate kindness to those I come across on an everyday basis. Maybe you have a child, this is an awesome list, or maybe you need inspiration for kindness. Whatever you reason for checking out this link, I’d recommend it. 

Being kind can be world-changing, soul enriching, educational, or it can feel useless. Nevertheless, go ahead take up the challenge to enact even a few of these ideas. 

Let’s hope you’ll get a better response than I did today. All I did was offer to carry an older lady’s bag over to the lift for her. She looks at me, screws up her face, and says, “I know your type. I’ll only say no once. Don’t want help from anyone”. Then she proceeded to move all five suitcases, one by one, over to the lift. I just smiled and said, “I hope your day gets much better”, and kept going. But not many people respond to kindness negatively, so give it a go. All anyone will ever do is say no!

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Why build traditions?

The word ‘tradition’ or ‘traditional’ have almost become dirty words in our current society. We believe that for someone to be traditional, they are not embracing change or retaining a conservative view on life. However, establishing traditions do not have to be outdated remnants of the past, or irrelevant mementos. Creating traditions and building celebrations …

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Building Stories into life

Last week I attended a school parent breakfast seminar with Jennifer Fox Eades. I was there because I am a conference junkie, nerd and basically because anything that focuses upon making education a positive experience for young people has me hooked in. She began by stating the most therapeutic thing you can do for a …

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How does a person rate their life?

As individuals we love to rate things, people, objects, destinations. How many of us now use the internet to check the rating of a product prior to buying? Or check how a holiday destination has been rated or a restaurant? We watch each week to see how songs have been rated and movies and our …

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Happy Easter

Many weeks have lapsed since I last had time to ponder and write. This does not mean that I’ve not pondered; only that no time has been found to write. A combination of new job, Year 12 reports, end of term, conferences and a wedding all merged to equal exhaustion; but oh what a satisfying …

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