Pondering the waves of life.

Seasons of Life

Last night I had a conversation with somebody about a difficult time she was experiencing in life. I made the comment to her, “Do this special season well”. My use to of the word ‘season’ confused her and the notion of thinking of her time of difficulty as a ‘special season’ was confronting.

This lead me to consider how people understand the days of their life.

When we consider our lives and how they are progressing, do we think of one long journey? Do we box the segments of our lives, with a “do not reopen” sticker across the top? Do we try and not think at all, but allow life to be a mindless progression?

I’ve come to understand that life for me is full of seasons. In our calendar year we have four seasons. These seasons come with regularity, we know when they begin and we know when they will finish. We know that autumn has begun because it is March, and we come to expect the weather to become colder and the trees to lose their leaves. But sometimes, even in our calendar seasons they don’t all flow to expectations. None of us expected to have so many cold days this summer neither did we believe that anyone would wear a cardigan on Christmas Day. But seasons change, they ebb and they flow.

So with our lives, the seasons come and go. Our seasons of life don’t follow a calendar pattern, nor are they the same for each person in your circle of friends. The seasons that impact each of our lives are unique to us. And more importantly, our response and use of that season is a choice that only we can make.

Sometimes the season is one of great joy: the birth of a child, the beginning of a romance, the new business opportunity or the joy of success in your field of endeavor. However, for others the season may be one of loss and sickness, one of caring for older parents, of deep depression, of challenging workplaces or relationship breakdown.  Despite the season, we have an opportunity to learn and to grow. We can use this season to develop a greater understanding of who we are, our beliefs, our values and those people dear to us. It is often through the more difficult seasons of life that we experience the most growth and those relationships that form through that time never lose that special element.

I believe that we need to take time in our lives to acknowledge and value every season. We need to purposefully be thankful for each season of life. Remembering that every season will pass. Each season has a lifespan and we need to value the time we spend in that season. Don’t hurry it away; learn from it, ponder in it and then bless others with what you have learnt.

What is important is not what season of life you are travelling through. But what you are going to do with this season? Will you use it to bless other’s lives, to be proactive with the lessons you have learnt? Or will you deny the season all that it can teach you?



  1. Nanna

    Thank you Vanessa

    • Thanks Nanna. I love that read what I write and are so supportive. xo

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