Pondering the waves of life.

What are your words creating?

“This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good.”

Today I’ve been pondering the power of the words we speak and how we can use each word, each moment, to positively impact another person. Within each of us there is a well, a depth of creativity. Sometimes we may dismiss this, or believe that we are not creative, but we are all creative. We are all creating a life, ours. Through our choices and decisions we create our responses to circumstances, we create the thoughts running through our minds and we can create the opportunities for change in our future. Whilst our creativity is consistently being broadcast, we are often not aware of what we are broadcasting.

I believe the most impacting creativity each of demonstrate each day is the words we use to communicate with others. It may be through what we say to people, what we neglect to say, what we write, blog, text or post. Our virtual communication world has provided us with so many options for creativity on a daily basis. But how often do we recognise this privilege or responsibility? Do recognise that within each word we have the power to create possibility and hope in another, or the power to cause despair and futility?

As I stand in front of classes of young teenagers, I recognise that each unique individual in front of me needs to be impacted by positive words daily. Each young person needs to constantly have their worth, purpose and value reinforced to them through the words I express through my teaching. This doesn’t mean the creation of unrealistic, superficial self-esteem boosting. What I’m talking about is recognising the unique strengths and skills of the individual and affirming these. Then challenging these young people to continue with a growth mindset, developing and enhancing the skills they have acquired. More than this, I challenge my students to then use their gift of creativity with words to build other people in their world.

When I hear negativity being expressed, and demeaning statements being shared, I recognise that this is what that person is creating for themselves this day. They are broadcasting negativity and are using their creativity to diminish those around them. But if we only get one opportunity for each day, if can’t withdraw the words that we have spoken, then what will this day in your life be remembered for?

Each day, take every opportunity to allow the words that you create. The words that you speak, text, post, tweet, blog or write be those that positively impact another person. Ensure that this day will be remembered for something. good.



  1. You are an ispiration. I just wish i had the opportunity to have been a student in your class. Those kids lives are being impacted far greater than any basic english class, just because they have you.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot that people read these blogs and feel inspired in some way. Thanks

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