Pondering the waves of life.

Value: a quantity or quality?

How a person understands the term value will impact how they perceive themselves and others. For our value as a person is not a quantity, is not a measurable object but a quality that should never be bought or damaged. But how many people believe that their value can be reduced, can be crushed or even destroyed? I would say many do, and life seems to have taught them this lesson.

However, the true worth or value of a person cannot be tarnished or destroyed. It may receive a battering by circumstances, it may have people attempt to hijack or abscond it, but no person or circumstance can ever truly take away the unique value that a person holds.

Think back to the last time you complimented someone. Did you focus on what they did or how they appeared? Or did you recognize and develop who they are as a person. Consider those traits; maybe a person’s character or emotional features, which will reflect who they are as a person and then ponder on these.

The other day I sat down to write a list of what I valued in another person. What quickly became clear was the value of a person lies not in what they do, but who they are. I wrote about their strength in overcoming adversity, their resilience despite what life’s circumstances had provided, the loyalty they displayed and their uncompromising love for others. And then, I looked at this list and recongised that what I value in others is what I value in myself.

If when I consider the value of a person, I can only recognize their external features or how useful they are for a task, then I need to ask myself some questions. Have I reduced myself to a utility? Do I reduce others around me to objects and only value how I can use them? For when people are objectified in our sights, then love has been lost. When people are only utilities then we have lost sight of our worth and value. We need to purposefully learn to seek and recognize the true value in those around us and in ourselves.

Consider your value again today. Do you see yourself as a quantity or quality? Then take the time to write to others and tell them what you value in them. Perhaps they’ve never taken the time to value themselves. Be the one who takes the time to recognize the value in others, and then share it with them.


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  1. Yes…. Life.is a.mirror……… Its important to keep looking and.learning.. The more we notice value in others, the more we notice in ourselves.
    I value the contribution you make to the world xxx

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