Pondering the waves of life.

Why this blog?

Life operates like waves in the ocean, they ebb and flow. Within each wave there can be moments of exhilaration, the scary moment before your dumped or the beautiful cruise back into the shore. But what each wave has in common is that they end.

We can choose to run back into the water and enter again, or we can sit on the sand and watch the waves from afar. Sometimes we believe the sandy shore will be more comfortable, for it never dumps us onto the sand or reef. However, the shore will never allow those moments of exhilaration as we soar in upon a wave. For me, I will always choose to run back into the ocean and enter the ebb and flow again. This blog follows those waves of life from times past and times to come. With each wave comes a moment of reflection so enjoy.


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  1. I am sooo excited to read this post and look forward to every word.

    Love and blessings

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