Pondering the waves of life.

The Tapestry

Composed August 2008

There she stood by night and day; a tangled web of colours lay at her feet. The weaving of a life and mind; could look so intricate and fine. Each thread she saw lying there representative of the privilege of experience and yet the responsibility of living it. She looked again upon the mass of colours and wondered what picture they would ever paint. The threads alone gave no clue, not even the pattern, though detailed could possibly reveal the final product. Questions arose in her mind as to why she had ever started the tapestry and yet she knew really she had never begun this at all. The tapestry that she watched, viewed and observed was indeed begun before she was born. Oh yes, she had tugged at a thread every now and then and occasionally chosen a new colour, but the reality was that she lived vicariously through the tapestry in a way she’d never truly understand.

This time a piece of the tapestry caught her attention anew. The new threads were darker than she’d seen previously; perhaps even thicker in texture and coarser in design. Glancing back to the preceding panel of the tapestry there were hints of the darker panel to follow but they were single threads and spread among the bright yellows and reds. These threads seemed to be extraordinarily long and weaved in and out across so many panels. So why did they now all congregate in one darker panel? I guess this panel might form the climax of the tapestry; the centrepiece of artwork, perhaps it was included to highlight the pastel and natural colours to follow. Without darkness the light is never so bright; what is to illuminate if there is no darkness? Indeed as she stood looking at the dark hues of burgundy, metallic grey and navy blue excitement began to swell within her. Perhaps her tapestry had been chosen especially because of the climatic shifts in colour shade and texture.

The temptation to desire a tapestry akin to those others on display had always been strong. She turned again to observe the ones to the right and left of hers. Yes the one to her left had an occasional dark thread; but mostly pastels, ocean colours and some beige. Peering further down to see other tapestries on display she saw variations of colour and style, no one tapestry the same and as much as the pastels appeared neutral, calm and serene her own tapestry kept drawing her back. It was the climatic dark panel, the one full of texture and design that made her proud. For wishing for another’s tapestry could never feel satisfying, as it was not her own. She’d been privileged to display her tapestry, not anybody else’s.

As she began to recognise the importance of loving one’s own tapestry and nobody else’s she observed a thread she’d never seen before. It was slowly beginning to glow and glisten throughout the darkest panel and the thread continued beyond. She bent closer to her own tapestry and struggled to see where this thread had come from, when it began, or why she’d never seen it before. Yes, the fine golden thread had been in her tapestry all along. It was present from the inception of the tapestry and wove its way throughout. Occasionally she couldn’t locate it but it would always appear again. This golden thread was fine and intricate throughout her darkest panel; but it was there. Pride swelled inside her as her tapestry became even more regal in her eyes. Yes, this was a tapestry for royalty, fit for a princess of a king. The humility with which this tapestry had been woven had at times hidden its beauty and intricate wealth; but it was there. An emotion that had not been with the girl for a while arose within her. She was thankful for her own tapestry and now recognised the responsibility for displaying the tapestry with a golden thread.

So what was the girl to do with her tapestry? She knew it was not finished, the weaver was adding more colours now, brighter colours and even more silver and gold. The tapestry was hanging and being continually worked on colours emerging and forming what yet was still not totally clear. But the girl knew what she could do with her tapestry. She felt she could display it to others; to take people for tours, allow them to trace the golden threads and view the darker panels and still see the gold hiding within the darkness. As this revelation came upon the girl, she skipped quickly in excitement and looked around for how to begin. Nobody appeared to be near but that didn’t deter her excitement. Alright, the moment isn’t yet.  She knew that perhaps there was still another panel to finish before she could start but she was content to wait and appreciate the beauty being formed.


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  1. I just hope and pray that the.tapestry.is.never completed For as.long as this beautiful soul lives and breathes, the tapestry continue to be woven.

    Love and blessings xxx

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