Pondering the waves of life.


A man has died and I’m struggling to process my response to this news. Last night I was woken by a phone call. My Dad was ringing to let me know of this man’s passing and I could sense Dad was trying understand how he should emotionally connect with the news he was providing. How do share such news?

Why should the death of such a man provide me with mixed emotions? It is the paradox of revulsion and sadness. A day has come when a man, who has brought so much pain to so many, has left the earth. He can no longer harm anyone. He can no longer exert his psychological, emotional, sexual and physical bullying. And yet, it is not a time when I feel a sense of elation. Instead it is only sorrow. Sorrow because his death heals nobody. And his death does bring sadness to…

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  1. Sarah Leard

    well said.

    • Thanks Sarah. I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog.

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